Chairperson's Message

Dear Members,
Aliağa Chamber of Commerce continues to be one of the leading and exemplary institutions in Turkey with its historical, dynamic and visionary staff, which is young for 28 years but has significant experience during this period.
Our Chamber is an institution that draws its strength from its members and the entrepreneurial spirit of Aliağa, with strong corporate traditions. To my friends and team on a mission since the day we came, ‘what we do is shaping our future’ in the room of our culture, acting according to the traditions and Customs; new projects, new perspective, our state, our entrepreneurs, our city, and of course we aim to contribute to the corporate culture to serve our members and valued.
As Oda, we are moving towards expanding our range of services every day and aiming to improve the quality of the services we provide currently. We have always paid great attention to and continue to show that we carry out all our activities in accordance with the corporate structure of our Chamber, its mission and in accordance with the prepared plans.
Aliaga Chamber of Commerce continues its activities as a room that adopts the principle of continuity, provides quality, efficient, process-oriented and member-oriented service, opens up to the outside with innovative and dynamic projects.
As Aliağa Chamber of Commerce management, we strive to keep our members informed of developments related to their sectors and increase their competitiveness and corporate vision. We are working as hard as we can to provide the highest benefit to our members. We communicate all the problems transferred from our members to our Chamber to the competent authorities and become their followers at the point of solving them.
In this context, we have established the ‘Aliağa Consultation and Solution Platform' with the positive opinions of all our stakeholders in our district within the scope of ensuring interagency cooperation in order to enable our district to develop decently in terms of industry, trade and society. Aliaga is developing rapidly, and in order to keep up with this development, we need to solve the problems on the way to development. We are glad to have the opportunity to intervene in these problems together and with a common mind on the platform we have created.
During the meetings we held, we identified our general problems together with the working groups. We have carried out our initiatives to the relevant authorities with the delegation and our board of directors created within the platform related to the identified priority issues and we continue to continue our initiatives.
The favor of our esteemed members of these authorities with the consciousness of responsibility that we took with our quality of service without compromising the understanding of unity and cooperation, the satisfaction of our members, our county socio-economic development of the world and we will continue to serve the interests of our business determination.
as the Aliağa Chamber of Commerce family with more than 2 thousand members, I sincerely believe that we can do useful and beautiful things that prioritize the interests of our members and suit our people in the region in cooperation with the administration, council, members and all employees in order to reach the places where our district is worthy of.
With these feelings and thoughts, I wish all our members abundant and auspicious earnings and offer my deepest love and respect.
Chairman of The Board of Directors