Culturel Status Of Aliağa

Institutions which are contrubuting to the cultural life in Aliağa is increasing day to day.

Cultural Activities/Centers:
  • Aliağa Chamber of Commerce Seminar Hall
  • Municipal Ataturk Cultural Center
  • Aliağa TÜPRAŞ Public Education Center
  • Petkim Seminar Hall
  • Outdoor Theatre
Aliağa Press
  • Aliağa Ekspres Newspaper: First published in 1976 by Servet Merla.
  • Journal of Commerce Economics: Published since 1994.
  • Günaydın Aliağa Newspaper: Published since 2004.
  • Yenivizyon Newspaper: Published since 2007.
  • Ege Hakimiyet Newspaper: Published in Aliağa, Foça, Menemen, Dikili and Bergama since 2008.

The city started broadcasting with two private radio which are named Sahil FM and Aktif Radio since 1993.

Aktif Radio (91.7 FM) :
Began publication in 1994.

Sahil FM (95.0 FM) :
Began publication in 1992.