Culturel Status Of Aliağa

The Cultural Status of Aliaga
Institutions that contribute to the cultural life of Aliaga are increasing every day. The fact that Aliaga is an industrial and labor city has brought with it organization. Institutions and organizations in the district contribute to the cultural life of the city in various halls and centers
The Municipal Nadir Nadi Library and the District Public Library continue to serve as important cultural and educational institutions.
Cultural Centers
Important meetings are held in the Aliağa Chamber of Commerce Seminar and Foyer Hall, where social and cultural events are held in the district; TÜPRAŞ Aliağa Public Education Center and Petrol Business Seminar Hall. The Open-air Theater located in the Zeytinli Park also provides an opportunity to hold important cultural events.
Press and Publication in Aliaga
There are currently three printing houses in Aliağa that provide all kinds of printing services. in 01.03.1976, the owner of the CEM Printing House, Servet Merla Aliaga, began publishing the EXPRESS Newspaper. The newspaper was published every day for the first five years and is still published daily.
Two local newspapers are published daily in Aliağa and three local newspapers are published weekly.
Aliaga Ekpress Newspaper:
It is published by Shahap Avcı, a journalist with a Yellow Press card. It was first published in 1976 by Servet Merla. Currently, it continues its publication on a daily basis. The newspaper is a member of the Press Advertising Agency.
Günaydın Aliaga Newspaper:
The newspaper, which is published by Alfa Press Publishing Ltd., started its publication life on February 9, 2004. The newspaper has been publishing under the name of "Günaydın Ege" since 2009.
Yenivizyon Newspaper:
The newspaper is published by Alfa Press Publishing Ltd. The newspaper is published daily, six days a week. October November 10, 2000 The newspaper started its publication life, decommissioned its publication in 2001 and started to be published daily again on October 16, 2007.
Ege Hakimiyet Newspaper:
It started broadcasting on March 10, 2008. It is published weekly in Aliağa, Foca, Menemen, Dikili and Pergamon districts.
Poyraz Newspaper:
It was started by journalist Erol Özobut in 2009. It is published weekly in Aliağa, Foca, Menemen, Dikili and Pergamon districts.
Newspaper Ozgurses:
The newspaper published by Gazeteci Özgür Gündün in 2015 is published weekly in Aliağa, Foça, Menemen, Dikili and Bergama districts.
Since 1993, when private radios started broadcasting, two private radios called Aktif FM and Sahil FM have started broadcasting in the district since 1993.
Aktif Radio (91.7 FM):
it started broadcasting in 1994. Active Radio broadcasting A.The Radio broadcast by Sh broadcasts on the frequency 91.7.
Sahil FM (95.0 FM):
it started broadcasting in 1992. Coast FM Radio Broadcasting A.The Radio, which is broadcast by Ş company, continues to broadcast on the 95.0 Frequency.
In addition to these local broadcasting organizations, there are also representatives of regional and Widespread media outlets in the District.