Economy Of Aliağa

According to the researches held by T.R. Prime Ministry State Planning Organization, Aliağa is the 3rd most developed town of Turkey other than the metropolitan towns after Körfez and Gebze. Thus Aliağa is the most developed town of İzmir. It realizes 22% of Aegean Region's total exports and produces 1-1.3% of Turkey's GNP per capita.

The economy of Aliağa which was based on agriculture until early 60's, has gained an industrial character after 1970's as the town was declared as "heavy industrial zone" according to the planned development" principal of Turkish Constitution of 1961.

There are Facilities of Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, TUPRAŞ Turkish Petroeum Refineries Co, PETKİM Petrochemical Holding A.Ş., Petrol Ofisi and other LPG warehouses and filling facilities, fuel oil warehouses and distribution facilities, steel and iron factories, ship breaking facilities, Pulp and Paper Factory, Fertilizer Factories and Rolling mills in Aliağa region.

The Aliağa-based steel and iron industry realizes 25% of Turkey's iron production. The plants and Rolling mills make scrap based production.

Many harbours in the vicinity, Biçerova Freight Station and the Motorway conecting İzmir to Çanakkale and İstanbul played a very important role in Aliağa's industrial development.

Finally Aliağa became an industrial hub after the establishment of Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone in 1997.

PETRO-CHEMICAL: Petkim, Tupras, Petrol Ofisi

IRON & STEEL: İzmir Demir Çelik, Ege Çelik, Habaş, Çebitaş, Dört Yıldız Demir Çelik, Akdemir Çelik, Özkan Demir Çelik, Sözden Demir Çelik, Kocaer Haddecilik, Kardemir Çelik, Say Metal

FUEL STORAGE AND SALES: Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş, Total Oil A.Ş, Tuta, Türk Petrol, Pet-Line

CALOR GAS FILLING STATIONS: Totalgaz, İpragaz, Bizimgaz, Aygaz, Pegagaz, Ocakgaz, Milangaz

PRIVATE INDUSTRY ORGANIZATIONS: İzmir Elektrik Üretim Ltd.Şti (Enka İntergen Enerji Santralı), Bersel Kimya, Molteks kimya, Egegaz, Ege Gübre, Viking Kağıt ve Selüloz A.Ş, Strocpak A.Ş, Penkar Tekstil San. Tic. A.Ş, Dema Tekstil San. Tic. A.Ş, Batı Beton A.Ş, Saka Beton Ltd. Şti, Güriş, Akfen

Possible to get information related to the companies:

Ege Gaz:
Total Tü
Özkan Demir Ç

Powerplants in Aliağa:

Çakmaktepe Energy 


Agriculturel activities has decreased by the industrialization in Aliağa. Farming is active only in Helvacı Town and Güzelhisar Town.

Some of the most important agricultural products grown in the district are; cotton, tobacco, vegetables, olives and seedless grape.

Stock Farming

Agriculture and Stock Farming adversely affected by industrialization in Aliağa. Annual amount of meat produced 462 tons and Annual milk production is the 7252 tons in Aliağa. There are 140 units fishing vessel plate in the district.


13 Banks located in Aliağa. They are; Ziraat Bank, Yapi Kredi, Garanti, Denizbank, Finansbank, INGBank, Akbank, Vakıfbank, Şekerbank, İşbankası, Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), Anadolu Bank, Fortis.

Garanti, Ziraat Bank, ING BANK, İşbankası and Fortis are also located in Petrol Ofisi, Petkim and TUPRAS.


Totally 188 beds available in the 5 tourist resort in Aliağa.