Geographical Location

The Location of The District:

Aliağa is situated in the north-west of Izmir on the cost of Aegean Sea. Aliağa is also situated in the South east of Dumanlı Mountain, in the north east of Yunt Mountain and located west of the Aegean Sea.

Aliağa is located between, 38 degrees 56 North, 37 degrees south latitude and 26 degrees 53 minutes West, 27 degrees 10 minutes East longitude.

Aliaga is an area of 412.5 km2 and previously, city was expanded in the direction of the north and south, but it has started to expand in the direction of the east in recent years.

Aliağa where is industrial district in Izmir, is located in the north west of Foça, in the west of Manisa, in the south of Bergama and in the north of Menemen. Çanakkale-Izmir highway passes through the city and Izmir can be reached in 45 minutes with this double-navigability highway.


Current climate is a typical temperate mediterranean climate, the winter is usually rainy, summer is arid. Northern wind is prevail, in winter and west wind is previal in summer. The avarage temperature is between 24-27 degrees in summer and 7 degrees in winter.

Güzelhisar brook and Güzelhisar Barrage are very important for the city. Precipitation area is 450 km2, the average annual rainfall area is 561 kg/m2, the minimum water level is 63 m, the normal water level is 104 m, the maximum water level is 107 m and Güzelhisar Barrage’ lenght is 14,207 m.