Transportation In Aliağa

Transportation is taking an important role in the economy in Aliağa. Aliaga is a place where all transportation capabilities can be used as highway-railway, airway and seaway.

Aliaga-Menderes 80 km fast commuter system was put into service so transportation is more easier than before.

The highway which connects Aliağa to Manisa being revised. It means that it will be more easier and economic to get North Aegen Çandarlı Port.

There has been handling around 50 million tonnes per year at ports; Ege Gübre, Batıçim, İzmir Demir Çelik, Ege Çelik, Habaş, TCE EGE, Nemport, Petkim, Tüpraş, Ege Gaz, Total Gaz. Therefore, the transport industry is highly developed in the city.

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