Mission, Vision

Our Mission

We are the organisation which aims not to compromise the principles of, our aim is to serve according to the Atatürk principle and reform and to adhere to the law No. 5174.

  • To provide the development of every professional organisation in our City,
  • To serve in oder to improve economy of Aliağa and consequently the economy of our country,
  • To promote and introduce our members to the all over the world,
  • To carry out the relationships between members with the State on the basis of the rule of law.

Our goal is being a modern, professional and developing Chamber of Commerce which will be a model in Turkey and in the world.

  • To manage serving to our members, professionally and institutionally,
  • To provide the best service and to keep members satisfied,
  • To maintain professional ethics,
  • To identify usages of the trade for all our members,
  • To prevent industrial disputes, to be unbiased if there are industrial disputes,
  • To promote modern technology systems for all members and to support them in this topic.

Quality Policy

We think that all the merchant and all the industrialist are contributing for our city and country economy. Our rule is to provide all our service related to law No. 5174.

  • To provide the best and perfect service for our members,
  • We know that time is critical process, so we serve as fast as we can for our members
  • We willl consider our member's interests about all our services, but it should be in the rule of law.
  • To decrease errors related to our services and to maximize the satisfaction of all our members.
  • We will improve our services to adhere to the strategic plan,
  • To adopt to the quality as all staff and to provide training about quality for understanding well,
  • To comply with the terms of Quality Management System and to follow globalization process,