Mission, Vision

Mission, Vision
Our Vision; The Ideal Future of Our Institution
To be an exemplary Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkey that is integrated into the economic, technological, educational and social life of our time, constantly improving itself, benefiting all its stakeholders
Our Mission; The Reason for the Existence of Our Institution
In addition to our main activities, which have been determined within the legal framework, it plays an active and unifying role in meeting the commercial, october and social needs identified in our region.
Our Values; Our Working Philosophy and Basic Principles
Compliance with the Law is our Main Obligation; We carry out Information and Awareness-Raising Activities continuously in order to Increase Corporate, Individual and Social Awareness in order to Ensure Compliance with the Law in All Our Activities.
The Knowledge, Competence and Talent of our Society is Our Future; For this Purpose, We Support Education and Carry out Your Studies to Provide Aliaga with Well-Established Educational Institutions.
Participation and Transparency (accountability); In this context, We Primarily Provide Services with the Active Participation of our Members and other Beneficiaries and Exhibit an Open and Accountable Management in All our Activities.
Our Employees are the Cornerstone of Our Success; In This Context, We Meet the Basic Performance Needs of Our Employees to Raise and Elevate Their Human Values.
Our Members are the Reason for Our Existence; In This Context, We Provide Information and Consultancy Support to Increase Our Service Quality for the Development of our Members, To Provide Added Value to Our Members Outside our Legal Obligations, to Improve Their Commercial Relations, to Upgrade Their Technologies.
To Develop our Investigative, Unifying and Conciliatory Mission; For this purpose, We are Mobilizing the Institutions of our District, Region and Country to Achieve the Goals We have Set.
Our Accreditation Principles
To be committed to the implementation of an Integrated Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and TOBB Accreditation Standard requirements applied to improve the service quality of our room
To describe all the processes of our Integrated Management System clearly and clearly, to update them continuously in order to meet the legal conditions and to implement the process requirements effectively
To use monitoring and measurement methods in all measurable processes and to use the results in objective decision-making processes
To implement the integrated management system effectively, to create and implement strategies related to the future of the institution, to work focused on the satisfaction of members and society
To adapt to changing legal and technical conditions primarily in the corporate structure, to contribute to the information and development of members individually and institutionally
To work on solution and fast service in all our service processes, to change bureaucratic regulations that complicate transactions within the legal framework in favor of the member.
To operate all internal and external (independent) control mechanisms and use the results in objective decision-making processes for the continuous development of our Integrated Management System.
Our Quality Management Policy
To contribute to the individual and corporate development by providing information and operational support on the management of resources and risks owned by your members,
Conducting member needs analyses and updating them continuously,
To monitor Technical, Commercial and Legal developments and to inform our members in a timely and accurate manner,
To make human resources competent and ensure the continuity of this competence in order to improve the quality of room service,
To develop our culture of planned work, uninterrupted and qualified communication so that all service units and management bodies focus on ensuring the definite benefit of our services to our members and society,
To maintain our relations with our members, local and national institutions on the basis of reconciliation and development. To undertake and achieve the responsibilities that we can assume as an institution in the development and development of our region,
Fulfilling the applicable requirements,
Constantly improving the effectiveness of Quality Management and the TOBB Accreditation System.