Aliağa Chamber of Commerce was established in 1991 to serve Trade and Industrialists in Aliağa, the most important industrial, commercial, Refinery, Petro Chemical, Iron and Steel and Heavy Industrial region of Turkey, which has been rapidly industrializing since the 1970s and by the 1990s.
Our room, which is the objective of all the rooms to meet the collective needs of their members, to facilitate their professional activities in accordance with the general interests of the profession to promote the development, members of the public in its relationships with each other and establish the rule of honesty and trust, professional discipline, and mission within the framework of morality and protect tesanud the same purpose as was established in 1991, in 1992, began to serve the member 361.
On February 2, 1992, at the initiative of a group of businessmen from Aliağa named "Aliağa Chamber of Commerce", it started its service in a modest place at the address "Istiklal Caddesi Akyıldız Pasajı 72/4 Aliağa".
in 1991, work was started by a group of businessmen headed by Adnan Saka to establish a Chamber of Commerce in the rapidly growing district. An Interim board has been established by the Aliağa District Governor's Office to carry out the Chamber establishment studies. Adnan SAKA, who has been engaged in commercial activities in the district for many years, was appointed as the chairman of the interim board. The Provisional Board members were Nazmi KAYA, Yusuf SAVRAN, Osman ŞIMŞEK, Yahya YAVUZ, November KAYAR, Ömer ÇIL, Ahmet ARLI and Ahmet KASAP.
The Interim Board headed by Adnan Saka, which was officially designated by the Aliaga District Governor's Office to carry out the work of establishing the Chamber, quickly completed all bureaucratic, legal and regulatory requirements.
With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade dated 08.03.1991 and numbered 1991/27, the establishment of the Aliağa Chamber of Commerce was authorized and this permission was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.
on 07.02.1992, the General Directorate of Personnel of the Ministry of Justice issued Law No. 6763 No. 12 within the Aliaga Chamber of Commerce with article No. 02. in accordance with the article, the Trade Registry Office with the business district of Aliaga and the New Şakran and Halvacı towns was created.
The first elections to the authorized Bodies in the Aliaga Chamber of Commerce, which was established by the interim board, were held at the beginning of November 1991, and in this election, the Chamber elected members of the Assembly;
Arif AKYÜZ, Şahabettin YILDIRIM, Ahmet ARLI, Turgut OĞUZ, Riza GÜRBUZ, Hilmi GÜNER, Adnan SAKA, Ekrem TOKER, Mustafa AKGÜN, Sunday KAVAK-LIOĞULLARI, Necdet SEZEN and Haydar ARLI were selected.
Dec November 12, 1991, these elected members met at the first Assembly Meeting and voted; Turgut OGUZ was elected as the Speaker of the Assembly and Ahmet ARLI as the Deputy Chairman.
On November 25, 1991, the Chamber of Deputies elected Adnan SAKA as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Arif AKYÜZ as the Deputy Chairman, Sunday KAVAKLI OĞULLARI as the Accounting Member, and Riza GÜRBUZ and Mustafa AKGÜN as the members.
December February December 10, 1991 By the Decision of the Assembly and December 11, 1991 by the Approval of the Assembly, the RACE was commended, Aliaga Chamber of Commerce was appointed Secretary General, the elections were completed, the Chamber Assembly and the Board of Directors were appointed, Aliaga Chamber of Commerce actually started to serve on February 2, 1992.
Aliağa Chamber of Commerce started its services on October 5, 2001 in its modern building built with its own facilities at the address "Kazım Dirik Mahallesi 262 Sokak No: 29".
Aliağa of Commerce and industry will contribute more to the national economy of the region and formatted in a way that the macro targets for the strategic plan and vision, in appropriate circumstances enable us to carry out the professional activities of their members and the problems they face and the Aegean Izmir Aliağa Chamber of Commerce established in order to be resolved today, Turkey's leading exists between professional organizations.