Member Fee Accrual and Collection

The registration fee, annual fee, additional fee and delay in the assessment are being carried out by the unit of our Chamber for our members.

Accrual of Annual Fee

Levels of our members are re-determined according to the “equity” criteria. Annual dues are based on according to the levels. Equity amounts are determined by the balance sheets. Becouse of this, our members have to inform the Budget and Accounting Branch about all above documents.

Accrual of the Additional Fee

Additional fee is totally accured by the industrial activities and commercial gains, it is determined by the rate of 5 per thousand, in every June.

It is possible to learn the amount of Annual Fee and Additional Fee by;

Tel: 0 (232) 616 41 51

It is possible to learn information about Registry Chamber, Title, Tax Numbers by;

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can pay dues to our Chamber and you can use below bank accounts;

Please do not forget to notified your company informations if you prefer banking system.

Bank Accounts as below:

  • ASYA KATILIM BANKASI ALİAĞA ŞUBESİ TR29 0020 8001 4702 3996 7300 01
  • T.C. ZİRAAT BANKASI ALİAĞA ŞUBESİ TR80 0001 0007 1408 0626 8750 01
  • TÜRKİYE İŞ BANKASI ALİAĞA ŞUBESİ TR23 0006 4000 0013 4750 3808 85
  • TÜRKİYE GARANTİ BANKASI ALİAĞA Şb. TR88 0006 2000 5040 0006 2997 74
  • TÜRKİYE HALK BANKASI ALİAĞA Şb. TR45 0001 2009 7270 0010 2600 08
  • ING BANK A.Ş. ALİAĞA Şb. TR74 0009 9008 6334 4700 1000 01
  • TÜRKİYE VAKIFLAR BANKASI TR86 0001 5001 5800 7298 9354 72



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