Adnan SakaAdnan Saka was born in Aliağa, in 9 April 1943. After his primary school education at Aliağa Atatürk Primary School, he has completed his highschool education at İzmir Education College, where is now known as the Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School. He has studied at the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences for a period of a year.

He has gone to Germany to receive training on tourism because of special interest about it. He has returned to Aliağa from Germany after training and working for 10 years in Germany. He has married in 1974.

He has been assinged in some social and economic purpose institutions, organizations and associations during his business life in Aliağa. Adnan Saka who was Chairman of Aliağa Sport for a period of 6 years, he has been President of Executive Board of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce where he is the founding member, since 1991.

Adnan Saka was elected as a member of the Council at the General Assembly of the TOBB in 2005.

He serves as a Member of Executive Board for Turkey's largest OIZ where is named Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone and planed for 400 fabric.

He has worked as a member and an administrator for several non-gevernmental organizations. Some non gevernmental organizations that he has taken some part and has worked for as follows:

  • President of Executive Board of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce
  • Membership of the Council of Chambers of Commerce of TOBB
  • Chairman of Aliağa Sports
  • Membership of Turkish-German Businessmen's Association (TAIAD)
  • Membership of Aliağa Rotary
  • Director of remodeling of Aliağa Hospital Association
  • Membership of Bornova Anatolian Hihgschool Foundation (BALEV)
  • Membership of Aliağa Law Enforcement Assistance Association Board of Directors
  • Entrepreneur delegation of ALOSBI and a Member of the Executive Board,
  • Founding member and President of Executive Board of Aliağa Association Corporation
  • Presidency of Aliağa TED College Foundation
  • Membership of Executive Board of Aliağa FC
  • Precidency of Aliağa Social Production and Arts Cooperative (ALTUMKOOP)

He is able to speak fluent English and German.

Adnan Saka is married and he has two children who are named as Gözde and Şükrü.


Tel: +90 232 616 4151
Fax: +90 232 616 6772
E Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Address: Kazım Dirik Neighborhood 262nd Street No:29 35800 Aliağa / İzmir



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